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Memphis Cricket Club

Welcome to the official site of MemphisCricketClub (MCC). We are a group of cricket aficionados bound by a passion for the game of cricket. The main objective of the club is to promote cricket in all its glory in Memphis. We take pride in ourselves in demanding excellence both on and off the field. We are always looking for new talent, if you like cricket and are interested in joining the club please contact us. 

A Brief History of Cricket

Cricket is the dominant "bat-and-ball" sport played by former countries and colonies of the British Commonwealth. An early ancestor of baseball, the first recorded cricket match occurred in Kent, England in 1646. Cricket was a popular sport in the early American colonies, favored by early Presidents such as John Adams. The first International cricket match was played in New York in 1844 between the United States and Canada (won by Canada) and has seen widespread international competition ever since. As a 21st Century sport, cricket is played in every country, on every continent, and its websites are       second only to Major League Baseball in total number of visitors.





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